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Roof Inspections

With the exceedingly harsh winds and hurricanes in South Florida, it's important to have a dependable and high-quality roof that can keep up with the weather. However most homeowners are faced with the dilemma of knowing how often they should schedule a roof inspection.

Annual roof inspections provided by Keller Roofing allow you to relax in your home knowing that your roof is prepared to handle whatever mother nature has in store. Call (954) 616-8400 to schedule an inspection.


What to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

A roof inspector will be looking for unusual wear and tear, leaks, organic growth issues, windblown damages, and problems that may have occurred to the shingles. To further break it down, here are some of the things you can expect from an inspection:

  • Structural inspection
  • Material inspection
  • Workmanship inspection
  • Roofing analysis

Signs That Show It's Time to Schedule for an Inspection

Trouble in the Attic

Your first area of focus should be your attic. Check for any signs of sagging, water leaks and damage, dark spots, and leaking outside light. If you spot either of these signs, then it's time to call a professional to check the roof.

Algae Growth

Moss and mold are usually an eyesore to every homeowner. While the growth might not necessarily mean it's time for a repair, these dark spots and streaks should prompt you to schedule an inspection.

Leaks in Your House

Often, this is the first sign that your roof needs to be attended to. It is vital for you to look for leaks on your house's exterior and interior-- specifically, water stains and drips. If you see any leaks, don't wait around to see if the leaks get worse.

It's worth spending a little money on minor repairs than the considerable overhead costs of an entire replacement.


When the core of your shingles absorbs moisture, they start rotting. This could be evidenced by large patches of discoloration, dark spots, and missing large granules on your roof.

Fortunately, you can replace the rotting shingles without necessarily replacing the whole roof. You may also want to consider using non-organic material, such as fiberglass, to avoid similar rotting cases in the future.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles are the overlapping rectangular blocks that cover your roof. They are the most common and widely used elements in residential roofing, and if you notice any of the following damages, be sure to call a professional:

  • Curling shingles- If your shingles are curly, it could be the result of improper installation. It could also mean that there is an issue with your ventilation. Despite the underlying problem, it is crucial for you to call a professional to have the issue sorted to avoid incurring higher costs.
  • Blistering shingles- When moisture is trapped in between the shingles, it leads to extensive damage and breakage. More often than not, these are invisible to the untrained eye, but professionals can easily spot them during the roof inspection.
  • Buckling shingles- If you see buckling shingles, it means your roof us lead cracking and tearing. If they remain unaddressed, they could potentially call for a roof replacement.
  • Streaking stains on shingles- Streaks and stains often point to minor leakages on your roof. You need to contact a professional to advise you on the way forward.
  • Missing shingles- It's just as easy as it sounds. Missing shingles mean that your roof is already exposed to damage. If ignored, they could decrease the life-span of your roof and bring about higher replacement costs.

Advantages of a Professional Roof Inspection

You don't have to wait till push comes to shove, and you only check on your roof when something goes wrong. Here are some of the benefits of a routine inspection:

Extend the Life of Your Roof

The overhead costs of an entire roof replacement are costly. Extending your roof's lifetime saves you the hassle of investing on another roof sooner than you have to. This is because roofing contractors have a lot of expertise and will work with you to ensure your roof serves you the longest.

Repair Damages in Good Time

Roof damage can be occasioned by anything from strong winds, to water damage. But whatever the cause, timely repairs help you prevent greater problems from happening. Whether your roof sustains minor or major damages, you must have it repaired as soon as possible.

Clear the Flora from the Roof

Although algae growth is not the best sight to behold on your roof, it is not uncommon. It is hence recommended to have them cleared before they bring significant damage to your roof. Besides, removing the greenery off the roof improves the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Leakage Detection

It is easy for some leaks to slide past your scrutiny but impossible to slide past a professional's eye. Professional roofers can detect such leakages before they cause severe damages, thus maintaining your home's structural integrity.

Schedule a Roof Inspection with Keller Roofing

At Keller Roofing and Inspections, we understand how important it is for you to have a properly maintained roof to keep you safe- whatever the weather outside is. With over three decades of experience, the people of South Florida have trusted us to provide them with comprehensive roof maintenance and repair services- work with us today to know why.

Call (954) 616-8400 to ask how we can help.

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