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Buying a New Home? Pay Attention to the Roof Inspection

Buying a home is a thrilling, but also intimidating experience. You are taking on a big responsibility; for many people, the ins and outs that come with owning a home simply do not come naturally. Of course, you have to at least understand the basics of your home, and understanding your roof is a vital part of home ownership.

Pay Attention To Your Inspection

When you buy a home, a home inspection tends to be a natural step. It helps to protect you as the buyer, while also informing you if there are any problems with the home. And of course, one of the areas that is inspected will be the roof. 

Your inspector will at least tell you whether or not you need a new roof immediately, which can be a make or break deal when buying a home. But what happens if they say that your roof is good enough for now? In that case, you need to know what to do next.

Learn the Basics About Roofs

When you buy a home, it is always a good idea to learn a little bit about each part of your home. Perhaps your roof has passed inspection, but is about ten years old. That's good information, but you need to know more to protect your home.

One of the first things you should do is to learn about signs of damage. Typically, roofs are given a set number of years as their expected lifespan, depending on the material typically between 15 and 35 years. However, weather and other events can compromise the integrity of your roof.

Therefore, you can't simply look at an asphalt roof that's ten years old and think that it definitely has 15 years left. Instead, keep an eye on it. When you begin to see signs of damage and aging, call Keller Roofing at (954) 616-8400.

Things to Pay Attention to About Your Roof

  1. Look at your roof. Although this may seem like a simple and basic task, simply looking your roof over every now and then allows you to see if any shingles are damaged or if gutters need to be replaced.
  2. Monitor the debris in your gutters. Asphalt shingles, as they age, will begin to lose the granules on them that provides crucial protection. The more granules that detach from the shingles, the more urgent replacement or repair becomes.
  3. The shingles don't look good anymore. You may begin to notice that the shingles themselves are cracked or damaged, or they are becoming severely discolored or even growing moss. All of these are signs you are in need of a new roof.
  4. Your home gets water damage. You may think your roof looks okay - until a big storm hits and you find water damage in your ceiling. In that case, it's urgent to get your roof inspected right away. The damaged could be caused by something as simple as water coming in around a vent fan that exits through your roof and needs new caulking, but it could also be a sign of something more.

Get Your Roof Inspected Again

If you think you are beginning to see signs of aging on your roof and that it may need to be replaced soon, it makes sense to get another inspection. Keller Roofing will be able to tell you whether or not your roof needs replaced right away, or if it still has life left.

Of course, if you are just tired of the look of your roof, you can always have it replaced. But for peace of mind, a professional evaluation is always a good choice. As a homeowner, you will always find projects for the home, and things that come up. As a result, you might not pay enough attention to your roof.

By informing yourself of the condition of your roof and being observant, you can help to protect your home from any water damage. Consulting professionals for a second opinion and taking care of your roof allows you to be better prepared when it's time to repair or replace your home's roof. For any roofing questions or advice, please contact us.

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