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After a Hurricane, Get Your Roof Inspected

Hurricanes tend to bring with them a massive amount of destruction. Even if you're lucky enough for your home to have weathered the storm, it's a good idea to think about making sure no lasting damage occurred.

A roof inspection, for instance, will give you a thorough overview about the status of your roof. This overview is particularly important after a hurricane, which may have left your roof compromised and unable to safely withstand other heavy weather events.

Especially when you are in the throws of hurricane season, planning for the future is vital for your home's continued health and safety. Here are 3 things an inspection can accomplish after a hurricane hits.

Replacing Missing Shingles or Tiles

If you notice that a few shingles or tiles are missing, it is vital that you call Keller Roofing. Even though it might not seem like a big deal or that a few damaged tiles won't be a big problem, that is simply not the case.

A roof, although made up of several parts and of course hundreds of shingles or tiles, works as one entity on your home. Therefore, if one part is broken or damaged, it can leave your roof vulnerable for the next hurricane, and end up allowing water into your home that causes sometimes significant damage to your personal items. A few missing shingles should be replaced before the damage intensifies.

Detecting Damaged Gutters

Your gutters serve a very important function for your home. They take the water that runs off your roof, and drain it away from the home. But during a hurricane with torrential rainfall and high winds, your gutters can sustain damage. Even if you've already cleaned them, the potential that they are backlogged with debris still exists. After the storm, they may seem to still work okay, but the backlog could cause them to fail if another hurricane hits.

If your gutters don't work properly, it doesn't just mean that water is going to pour all around your home. In addition, that water can also get to the fascia boards around the gutter, which damages them and leads to rot. And if they are rotted or damaged, the same water can work its way into your attic, causing even further destruction. 

Finding Peace Of Mind

After a hurricane, it's a good idea to protect yourself and your home. Especially after a very powerful hurricane hits, having your roof inspected should be at the top of your list. That's a natural and important step for anyone whose home is visibly damaged. But it can be just as important if you don't immediately detect any damage.

A roof inspection will provide you with a clear picture about the current condition of your roof. The inspection might uncover an area of the roof that you cannot see clearly from the ground, but has been hit with debris. Actually climbing on the roof and knowing what to look for allows professionals to gain a better understanding of your home's overall health. The mere fact that you'll be getting an inspection can provide you with the peace of mind you get knowing that it's ready to withstand any potential future storms. 

Hurricanes are a force to reckon with. Of course, you need to worry about you and your family's safety during the storm. But you also want to be sure that you do enough to keep your home safe. That not only means taking proactive steps before the storm, but also making sure you can assess and potentially repair any damage after the storm has passed. When it comes to your home, your belongings, and your family, you can never be too cautious. 

A roof inspection after a hurricane will help to guide you on what you need to do to keep your roof in good shape, make any repairs that are necessary, and give you the tips and tools you need for your roof to withstand the next storm. To schedule your roof inspection, and make sure that your home remains safe and sturdy, please contact us.

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